Passionately Gorgeous- And the Not-So Secret Diary

Winter is here and the Holiday Season is upon us! We are running around like crazy, trying to find all of the perfect gifts and we tend to forget about ourselves.

This year lets try these 10 tips to make it through the holidays!

  1. Book Yourself a Massage- go ahead you deserve it!
  2. Bake a pie or some holiday cookies- not sure how to? Learn it could be fun!
  3. Binge on those Hallmark Movies- we are doing it too
  4. Make gift shopping way more simple- give experiences this year, maybe a show or a day trip- make some memories
  5. Sip your favorite holiday drink in an oversized sweater
  6. Plan out all of your party outfits– you’ll definitely thank yourself later
  7. Add major sparkle and shine everywhere! It makes everyone happy
  8. Invest in some good stretch pants- long car rides, over indulging, whatever
  9. Create the ultimate holiday jam playlist and put it on REPEAT!
  10. STEP BACK AND SAVOR ALL THE MOMENTS! They do only come once a year .
  • Bring the Chicken, Apple and Sweet Potato Salad to your next party!
Try Chicken, Apple and Sweet Potato Salad
click the image for the full recipe.


Copy of Copy of Welcome to Passionately Gorgeous

Welcome to Passionately Gorgeous and the Not- So Secret Diary!

Were you can find real product reviews- real recipes- and just real life stuff! My staff and I decided to put this together because we are constantly getting asked questions like, “What is our favorite mascara?”

“Do we have a collagen product?”

“What are we doing to stay in shape and healthy?”

and even…  “What are we cooking for dinner tonight?”

So now we can put all of our favorites here!

Stay Tuned! We are so excited to share this journey with you!

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