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The votes are in and the top trends for 2019 have been posted! Some we love, some are timeless and some definitely dial up the drama. My stylists and I have complied a list of our favorite trends for 2019 and here they are!


  1. No Care Hair- a.k.a. the messy bun- most recently made popular again by Megan Markle Duchess of Sussex. Her loose care free bun and windswept locks made for a sexy but still sophisticated look. Messy in a controlled way is definitely one of our favorites for this year, it is soft and romantic and still says bride.
  2. Bold Hair Accessories- We are combining a few of the top trends in this category. Whether your style is a little more bling, or some fresh wedding flowers, or even a super sweet headband or bow, this year our brides are loving a little extra something in their hair. Most of you will wear a traditional veil down the aisle, but this is a great replacement for the ones of you that don’t want the traditional veil. And for the ones of you that are opting for the cathedral length veil- a bold headpiece is a great way to take your look from ceremony to reception with a quick switch!
  3. Red Lips, Navy Accents, and Winged Liner ohh my! When we said bold is in, we weren’t kidding! This year we are seeing brides dial up the drama and replacing the pink nude lips for something a little bolder. We are also seeing a little more drama in the eyeliner department. Now you don’t have to have a crazy winged liner, but a small wing helps to make your eyes look awake and alive. It also gives a nice bold look if you do not necessarily go too heavy with shadows. We are also seeing a lot of navy accents, whether it be in a delicate bow or ribbon in your hair or even a little navy shadow in the corners we are loving this small pop of color.
  4. Luminous Skin and Rosy Hues or Bronzed Lids-  Now this is one you need to be careful with, but we still love! You want to make sure that you aren’t overdoing it with the highlighter, but instead making sure that your skin itself is luminous. Make sure we are taking good care of our skin so that the makeup has a good canvas. Then applying the highlighter in a subtle way making sure not to cause flashback. We have all seen the photos of those celebrities that almost look like they have flour all over their face. Rosy Hues will compliment your glowing skin very well. They are still soft enough for our brides that do not wear a lot of makeup but still add that little something. If rosy tones are not your thing opt for more bronzed colors. This year we are loving a bronzed lid and sun-kissed cheeks.


The list goes on and on for the hottest trends for 2019, but these are just a few of our favorites that we predicted we will see a lot of this season.

So, what are your favorites?




winter wonderland brides

From the romantic snowy scenery to the coziness of a fireplace or a fur shawl, winter weddings bring a totally different kind of magic. However, there are a few things you want to keep in mind if your dream wedding has a winter wonderland backdrop.

  • You need to take care of your hair and skin differently then you do in the warmer weather. As you know you will be in an out of the warmth of your home or office. Going from hot to cold and back again takes a toll on not only your skin but your hair too! Remember, hydration is key! You need to make sure that you are using the correct moisturizer and cleanser. Now you don’t want to change your entire routine the week of your wedding, we don’t want a sudden break out or reaction. However, you want to make sure that what you are using is not drying you out. Hydration is the key to your makeup lasting.  Stay away from hair products with a lot of alcohol. The alcohol will dry your hair out even more. Work with your hairdresser and get regular conditioning treatments to keep your locks smooth and luscious.
  • Opt for a hairstyle that will hold up in the elements. Remember we live in New England, the weather is ever-changing and you never know what to expect. If you want to take pictures outside have a back-up plan if the weatherman is predicting a lot of wind. If rain is in the forecast (fingers crossed it isn’t) have a rain safe option. Depending on how your hair handles moisture in the air- remember that snow can have the same effect as rain or excessive humidity. Make sure you are up front with your stylist and let them know how your hair reacts.
  • Winter wedding- play with some color! In the spring and summer brides often opt for lighter colors for nails and lip. With a winter wedding you can dial-up the drama. Think burgundy on your lips or nails. If bold color is not something that you are used to, use your trial as a time to experiment. Try colors that you might not have considered normally. After all, this is what your trial is for!

Just a few other things to remember

  • Keep getting your hair trimmed- it doesn’t help if you have been growing your hair out for months and months and the ends are all frayed
  • Do not try new skincare products the week of the wedding
  • Hydration and rest is key to looking your best on your wedding day!


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